Dresden cycling tour

Come and discover the charming city of Dresden on a cycling tour. The famous sights of the Old Town are on your way as well as the wide cultural landscape of the Elbe valley. You will be surprised by interesting and often hidden details.


maximum participants: 15

duration: 3 hours


 Please contact us by mail,  we help you tailoring your Dresden programme. 

On the Elbe cycling path to the Saxon Switzerland

Get an idea of the wonderful variety of nature and culture along the river Elbe cyling path. The extending flood plains of the river Elbe in Dresden, the Pillnitz castle and the park of Pillnitz as well as the fascinating rocky world of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains can be explored during this cycling tour.

maximum participants: 15

duration: 8 hours

Cycling in the cultural landscape of Moritzburg

Experience how culture and landscape complement each other harmoniously! The impressive hunting lodge, forests and ponds and a man-made miniature coastal scenery including a lighthouse and gondola harbour form exciting contrasts.

Why not returning to Dresden by the steam train?

maximum participants:15

duration: 8 hours

Hiking in Saxon Switzerland

Take a leisurely  stroll or an adventurous hike - it is your choice! Saxon Switzerland puts its charms at everyone´s feet in one way or another - through deep gorges or up to the heights for impressive views. 

maximum participants: 15

duration: according to your time limit - but you should calculate 8 hours for the whole tour